The error message “Wi-Fi error” is displayed on the LCD

LiveWedge will try to connect to a saved wireless or wired LAN to go online when the device works in “Client mode”.

There may be situations where LiveWedge fails to connect via Wi-Fi and the error message “Wi-Fi error” appears on the device screen.

Please check the following guide if “Wi-Fi error” is shown.

<Point 1>
Make sure you have the latest firmware.

If you do not have the latest firmware, please try updating and then check if the problem is resolved.
For information on how to check and update firmware, see the following links.

*How to check the current LiveWedge firmware version
*Firmware update

<Point 2>
Please check the SSID and password are correct.

“Wi-Fi error” will occur when the wrong SSID or password is entered.

<Point 4>
Please wait a few minutes and try connecting again.

If LiveWedge sometimes succeeds in connecting and sometimes displays an error message. The problem may possibly be caused by temporary network issues.

If you cannot solve the problem

Please contact our support team ( and include the following information.

  • “Wi-Fi error” is displayed on the LCD.
  • You have already checked the points above.
  • When the problem first happened and any other solutions you have tried.
    (e.g.) The problem happened 3 days ago and has not been solved yet. I tried 10 times using different routers and always “Wi-Fi error” is displayed.