6-6. RTSP Server Mode Setup

Streaming Settings

Tap the [SETTINGS] button on the top right of the Dashboard main screen and you will see the [Streaming settings] menu.

RTSP Server Setup

  • Select [RTSP server mode] from the [Broadcasting Service] dropdown menu and click the [Broadcast this service] button.
  • Close the settings window
  • Click [START LIVE] button
  • In RTSP server mode LiveWedge doesn’t send streaming data until an RTSP player accesses the RTSP server.

RTSP Player Setup

You can check the RTSP access URL on the Dashboard, however the Dashboard preview window will not be active in RTSP mode.

Recommended RTSP Player Software

Install the following software to see the stream from the RTSP server.

  1. Windows, Mac, Linux: VLC 2.0.5
  2. iOS(iPhone4S, iPad, iPad mini): GoodPlayer
  3. Android: MX Player

RTSP Server Restrictions

  • A total of three clients can access the server at any given time. ┬áMore than three clients will cause a distorted video and intermittent audio.

Dashboard RTSP Operation

  1. Although the preview window in RTSP mode is not displayed, the video quality and audio quality can be changed as required.

Use with Wirecast PRO

  1. LiveWedge RTSP server mode has an ASIX M1104 compatible mode. (video only)
  2. When LiveWedge is on standby for the RTSP server, Wirecast PRO can recognize the camera source if M1104 is set as a model and the RTSP server IP address is set.
  3. The IP address for Wirecast PRO is the IP address part from the RTSP URL which is displayed on the Dashboard.