10. Firmware Update

Currently the latest version is Rev.1464. Download the latest firmware below.

How to update

  1. Download the file here.
  2. Place the file in your SD card’s root directory (not in a subdirectory).
  3. Press and hold transition button 2 and turn on the LiveWedge. Transition button 2 is the second from the left.
  4. After the screen shows “Set updater SD”, stop holding the button button and insert the SD card into the slot. The SD card slot is on the back of the device.
  5. “Extracting…” will be shown on the screen and the firmware update will automatically start.
  6. When the update is done, “Completed” will be shown on the screen and the device will automatically restart.


  • If the screen shows “error”, it means the update failed. The firmware file may be damaged. Please download the file again and update.
  • SD/SDHC/SDXC card is required to update the firmware.
  • Please use FAT16, FAT32 or exFAT format.
  • Please do not insert an SD card until the display shows “Set Updater SD”.

Release Notes

    • Rev.1464-2017-12-25

      • FlexTally support added.
      • Fixed an issue where LiveWedge does not connect to Ethernet when DHCP fails.
      • Added a new type of WIPE effect.
      • Added support for 1920px horizontal resolution recording when 1080p 24, 25 or 30 is set as “PROGRAM OUT”.
      • Added supported for new output resolutions – 1080p24, 25, 30 and 720p24, 25, 30.
      • Fixed the problem that connection between RTMP servers like Wowza Server and LiveShell X may cut out if an RTMP Acknowledgement Message is not received correctly.
    • Rev.1431-2016-12-02

      • Fixed issue where the alert message, ”Please use a keyframe frequency of four seconds or less”, is shown in the YouTube Live control room even if required frequency is already set.
      • Fixed the problem that Dashboard displays “Device offline” even if LiveWedge is online.
      • Fixed the problem that LiveWedge does not accept commands to restart or to go offline when stopping live streaming when the device synchronizes to Dashboard.
      • Changed the URL used for updating firmware.
      • Added support for vertical crop 9:16 aspect ratio.
    • Rev.1416-2016-03-18
      • Fixed the problem that in RTSP mode LiveWedge cannot broadcast normally.
    • Rev.1412 – 2016-02-01

      • Added function that LiveWedge can record at PAL 25fps framerate to SD/HC/XC cards.
    • Rev.1404 – 2015-12-24

      • Fixed the problem that LiveWedge sometimes fail to stop RTSP.
      • Fixed the problem that it takes time for settings to be updated.
    •  Rev.1399 – 2015-11-13

      • Added RegisterClient 3 API
    •  Rev.1396 – 2015-11-11

      • Fixed the problem that LiveWedge sometimes shows wrong OSD information.
      • Added function that LiveWedge can save sub mode, Chroma key and PinP settings.
      • Fixed the problem that LiveWedge shows wrong Ethernet settings information when Ethernet settings are externally changed  or LiveWedge reboots.
      • Added function to enable use of PNG images for UploadFile API and ChangeExternalStorageInputState API.
      • Fixed the problem that JPEG files sometimes fail to decode.
      • Removed the limitation that LiveWedge only accepts TCP connection from the clients which have the same IP address.
      • Fixed the problem that LiveWedge sometimes send packets to unpredictable ports of clients that do not use UDP.
      • Added changes to make LiveWedge accept the latest client when clients use RegisterClient API and they have the same IP address.
      • Added changes to make timestamps, including AVC/AAC sequence headers, always increase.
    • Rev.1380 – 2015-07-16

      • Fixed an issue where interlaced video sometimes shows noise at the bottom of the screen
      • Fixed an issue where the LiveWedge outputs video to an incorrect position in a live streaming or a recording
      • Changed the default aspect ratio to square pixels when the video source doesn’t contain [AVI infoframe] data
    •  Rev.1364 – 2015-06-09

      • Fixed an issue where LiveWedge sometimes fails to update firmware.
      • Fixed an issue where an incorrect value is set as PinP frame if you rotate the control wheel quickly.
    • Rev.1362 – 2015-06-03

      • Added record to SD card function.
      • Added ability to update LiveWedge via network.
      • PinP and chroma key function now available in device menu.
      • Added error message display during live streaming and recording issues.
      • Added current bitrate display when live streaming.
    • Rev.1311 – 2015-04-20

      • Added 50 fps output in “Program out resolution”
      • Added function to change frame-rate automatically to 50 or 60 fps when “AUTO” is selected in “Program out resolution”
      • Added 4:3 aspect ratio support
      • Added new supported resolutions (576p, VGA,etc).
      • Added support for DVI monitor formats.
      • Fixed the problem that auto transition does not work correctly when “0.1 SEC” is set in “RATE”.
      • Fixed a problem that a part of video would remain in frame during Chroma key.
      • Added function that shows black screen on tile view if there is no input.
      • Added network error message display to the unit UI.
      • Fixed a problem that video gets distorted with frequent access to the Ethernet menu of the unit UI.
      • Fixed a problem that LiveWedge often fails to switch between Wi-Fi AP mode and Client mode.
      • Added a Wi-Fi client settings menu to the unit UI.
      • Added support for exFAT formatted SD cards.
    • Rev.1118 – 2015-02-26

      • Fixed the problem that the live streaming become unstable when broadcasting to the sever that has high latency like Ustream.
      • Add the network setting menu to the unit UI.
      • Add the preview OSD setting menu to the unit UI.
      • Fixed the problem that is an SD card can not be recognized if an SD card have been inserted when power the unit on.
      • A number of improvements of the unit UI.