LiveWedge does not power on

LiveWedge should turn on after the AC adapter is connected to the device.

During startup LiveWedge completes the following steps.

  • Turns on back light.
  • Displays Cerevo logo.
  • Displays LiveWedge logo.
  • Displays “Hello”.
  • The home screen is displayed on the device.

There may be cases where LiveWedge hangs before the Cerevo logo or LiveWedge logo is displayed.

Please check the following guide if a similar problem happens.

<Point 1>
Make sure you do not use an unofficial AC adapter.

Cerevo recommends you do not use any AC adapter other than the one provided or sold at the Official Cerevo Store.

Please replace with the official AC adapter and check if the problem is resolved.

<Point 2>
Please try to force shutdown and reboot and check if the problem is resolved.

If you cannot solve the problem

Please contact our support team ( and include the following information.

  • At which point the LiveWedge hangs.
  • That you have already tried a force shutdown but the problem was not resolved.